James Altucher Top 1% Advisory

James Altucher is no stranger to making money (or losing money) with an up and down track record covering many different aspects in the investing and trading finance worlds. But now, having learned from the losses and earned from his experiences, he has formed his ongoing Top 1% Advisory report that gives the best trading and investing angles to take advantage of and pay close attention to.

Let’s review James Altucher’s Top 1% Advisory program and see if it offers a legit 1000% Backdoor Investment wealth strategy you can tape into to create a strong financial portfolio.

What Is The Top 1% Advisory?

From millions to losing it all – when there’s a plan aligned with a will, diligence and seeking knowledge, those millions can, and in James Altucher experience, will grow again. You may be familiar with this man, and at the very least should be. He’s one of the most sought after investment minds in America.

An entrepreneur, hedge fund manager, best selling author and podcaster. In one article about him, I read that he’s co founded twenty companies, and despite failing at seventeen of them, learned a whole ton along the way.

Am I dating myself if I love the idea that Wu Tang Clan was one of his clients back in the mid 1990’s? In any event, he found himself in the neighbourhood of 15 million and lost it all in a matter of a couple years.

This began the refocus and restructure process of his life, and business, and in turn likely his willingness to share his lessons, strategies and ideas with us.

Right around this time is where his primary ventures of hedge fund management began (1998). Began by writing about stocks and grew from there, a master of his craft. He’s been named best seller from several of his published seventeen books, including Choose Yourself among the top 12 business books of all time.

Who Is James Altucher?

What’s intriguing about James Altucher is his intention isn’t only for him to get “rich”, more importantly his willingness to assist others attain that level of income as well. Some data received from his website (thealtucherreport.com) demonstrates this quite well;

  • 885% gain on Apple
  • 440% gain on Disney
  • 307% gain on Google
  • 299% gain on Equifax
  • 135% gain on Rocky Mountain Chocolate

Just to name a few.

Self proclaimed, in 2006, he invested $2000.00 into a tiny startup company and nine months later, sold it for $10 million. He describes this not as luck, because he’s not a “one hit wonder”, instead – he’s been able to do this time and time again.

In his Top 1% Advisory article, he discusses the gains you could have seen had you taken the opportunity to invest in projects like Uber or Airbnb. We’re talking in the area of up to 7,000 times your initial investment.

Now, we could discuss that to even have access to these types of investments you need to have a networth of at least one million – so why not show you how to start that process?

He does just that.

No business degree? No problem. James Altucher doesn’t hold one either.

Creates possibility or more so, a reality.

What’s Inside Altucher’s Top 1% Advisory?

Venture Investing – what is this term anyways and why should it matter? Breakthroughs. Those ‘big idea trends that can reshape society’. Best way to demonstrate this trend is social media.

Let’s consider you had taken stocks in Facebook when it first appeared on the market, you’d be sitting comfortably up about 135%. Consider however you opted for stocks in Pinterest – you know the picture sharing site that wouldn’t likely catch on? You’d be up 740% – that’s a pretty big deal, and a bit more than comfortable.

No reason to stop there either, because there are dozens of opportunities across the social media spectrum up for the taking. I am a frequent user of Dropbox – Only up 1,550% since it first appeared on the scene.


Dated in 2015, venture investing is up 61% in just one year. This is where James Altucher 1% advisory is key, and why we need to be paying attention because without the right approach you, like many others won’t see any gains in venture investing – let’s avoid the losses shall we. James can take us through a number of breakthrough stories he’s come across, but here’s where it gets interesting – He often has no idea who these people are, but they share a common denominator, Ron Conway.

He’s been ranked in Forbes as one of the top ten deal makers in all of technology. One of the best investors in the entire world. Naturally, want to see success, do what successful people do, regardless of what level you are at – no ceilings. It’s safe to say, James Altucher knew just that, and simply put, did what Ron Conway did.

‘There was always someone smarter than me involved in the deal, someone with a proven record of making multiple times their money on startups across the market’ says James.

Here’s a nugget for you.

He made a list. James Altucher made a list of the top venture capitalists in America and reached out to them, in some way, somehow, naturally using a lot of his previous connections, and had a conversation with each of them.

I appreciate you or I may not have the same ability to establish these connections, right now, so scale down. Make that list of people who are the next level of success in a niche you’re after, in this case, venture investing, and go after it. You won’t attain the Top 1% by behaving like the 99%.

From 2004 – 2007, James Altucher made a considerable amount investing, at least one million a year on average. He began sharing his nuggets, secrets publicly, bit by bit – through articles, and visited CNBC Fridays and Tuesdays.

Gradually, people began applying his wealth creation strategy, his approach.

He describes four skills;

  1. Physical Health
  2. Emotional Health
  3. Creativity (10 ideas a day)
  4. Gratitude

10 Ideas a day theory

Every day, make a point of writing down 10 new ideas. Business ideas, book ideas, personal ideas, any ideas. James calls this exercising your idea muscle. Do this for three to six months. Then, start sending these ideas to other people ‘ways to improve Starbucks marketing’, ‘ideas for sections to be added to the New York Times newspaper’, etc.

He suggests one of fifty will respond, maybe.

Consistency is key.

Persistency and Creativity.

Bringing the focus back to James Altucher’s Top 1% Advisory (opportunity) he discusses he often turns down 99 of 100 ideas that come across his desk – he’s only looking for the 1% — and recognizes that might seem risky or ‘over the top’ to some, and that’s OK, James approach likely isn’t for you.

He’s transparent in saying, sometimes we face losses, and in his case he stands behind them and knows they are often made up for in larger returns (up 100% – 500%) later down the line when the checks and balances even out. Bottom line though, he’s made a fortune using these applied investment and trading strategies, and needless to say he has earned a great reputation for himself and will only continue to as his growing advisory group of Top 1% members start to stack up amazing returns.

Thrilled to see this now publicly available –to you even, providing of course…You’re one of the 1%.