Jim Piccolo’s Leadership Excellence Interview

Jim Piccolo Bio – Who Is He?

Jim Piccolo is known in the business world for his extensive entrepreneurial pursuits, which include starting more than forty new businesses. One of his most successful endeavors is the Nouveau Riche Corporation, which has helped to teach thousands of students the skills and knowledge that they need to enter and succeed in the real estate investment market. But Piccolo’s successes reach far beyond the business world as well. A plaque on his office that reads “Never, Never, Never Give Up,” seems to demonstrate the motto Piccolo’s follows in every aspect of his life.

Jim Piccolo The Business Man

Besides his business pursuits, another important aspect of Jim Piccolo’s life is his charity work. After his father passed away in 1987, Piccolo was inspired to start the Frank Edward Piccolo Foundation in his honor. The Foundation helps to serve the families of children who have been diagnosed with serious illnesses. Through partnerships with other organizations, the Foundation has helped to host events that allow families to get away from hospitals for a few hours, to enjoy carnivals and other fun filled social events. These events provide both an opportunity to get away from the hospital while staying under the watchful eye of doctors and nurses, but also a chance to meet with and connect with other families of children fighting serious illnesses. The Foundation has also helped to raise money for entertainment devices for use in patient rooms, as well as other equipment and supplies for hospitals and medical centers in Arizona and across the nation.

Charitable Accomplishments

Piccolo’s charitable accomplishments also include partnering the Nouveau Riche Corporation with Celebrity Fight Night, a nonprofit that was founded by Jimmy Walker in 1994, and which benefits the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center at Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix.

When he isn’t working with a charity organization, starting a new business, or improving an old one, Piccolo also enjoys relaxing with his wife on their ten-acre ranch in North Scottsdale, Arizona. He’s also an automobile enthusiast, with a collection that includes a Ferrari 360 Spider, a Lamborghini Diablo, and a Bentley GT convertible. Piccolo’s history as a college athlete has led him to continue to pursue a healthy, active lifestyle. He is talented in martial arts, and has even spent time training with elite military groups, including Black Ops and Special Forces. In these training sessions, he has helped to train and tune their focus for combat.

Piccolo’s business and personal interests come together in his passion for public speaking. He has given a number of inspirational and educational speeches on a variety of subjects, all with the aim of passing his knowledge along to others so that they too can reach success. He has spread his messages to audiences around the globe, including Sidney, Australia, Munich, Germany, Bali, Indonesia, and Cancun, Mexico. While he doesn’t teach a course for Nouveau Riche at this time, he does make appearances at the school and at awards ceremonies to help encourage and inspire students as they begin their own journey towards success.

Business & Personal Awards

Over the years, Jim Piccolo has received a number of awards for his work in both the business and charity worlds. In fact, he even has an award named after him. The very first Jim Piccolo Humanitarian Award, created by Starlight Children’s Foundation, was awarded to Piccolo himself, in recognition of his dedication to helping terminally ill children and their families, and particularly those in the Phoenix area. He has also been recognized by many national publications, including Success Magazine, which highlighted his reputation as one of the most recognized visionaries, innovators, and philanthropists of his time.

During his more than twenty-five years in business, Piccolo has held a number of prestigious positions in several companies, some of which he founded and some of which were founded by other people. He served as president and CEO to Nouveau Riche beginning in the year 2000 when he first helped to found the corporation. He also served as the Chairman of Piccolo International University, beginning in 2005. He maintains ownership status in many companies, including iWizard Holding, Number Won Accountants, Inc., The Real Market Expert, The Mortgage Store USA, and more.